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A 37-year-old guy named Jack Richardson was living on the streets in England when he met a 47-year-old woman named Toni Osbourne.  And she DID have a place to live, but she was in a rough spot too.

She has a disability that prevents her from working.  And her apartment had a meter that lets you use change to pay-as-you-go for electricity if you need to.  But she didn’t have any money to keep it on over the holidays.

So Jack decided to help HER out, and gave her about 70 cents from his own pocket to get it turned back on.

They became friends after that and this past Saturday, they got MARRIED.

He proposed to her in the same spot where they first met, and a bunch of friends chipped in to help pay for the wedding.

He’s also in school now studying psychology, and says he wants to help other people get off the streets once he graduates.