Community support was alive and well in Wallaceburg on Friday during a community barbecue for a local family who recently suffered the loss of their home and belongings in a house fire.

A total of $2,500 was raised during the BBQ, held by Rick Bernard and Loree Bailey outside of 99.1 studios during the lunch hour.

“Many people just wanted to help out, without taking anything off the grill,” said Bernard. “We had $150 before we even had a hot dog ready.”

Among the local donations, Myers Insurance in Wallaceburg donated $500 to the family. The Lally Auto Group (Victory Ford, Lally Kia, Chatham Mazda and Chatham Chrysler) added $250.

“We shouldn’t be surprised,” added Bernard. “Time and time again, this is what this community does.”

Donations continue to be accepted at 56 Bridle Place in Wallaceburg, the home of family member Jerry Chauvin.

The family is now looking for a new home. Any potential leads to also be supplied to Jerry Chauvin.