ATV Education Promoted


If you’re using an ATV on area roadways, the local club wants to make sure you know the rules of the road.

Past President Vince Masse says their group is always looking to make our roads safer for everybody, and ATV riders need to be extra vigilant, for the good of the sport.

“Not long ago I had a meeting with Chatham-Kent and they were finding out people that knew about the bylaw but didn’t know the structure, or they didn’t know about it at all. The one thing they did agree with was my stance that most people are obeying the bylaw,” says Masse. “Major thing is you must be licensed and insured, wear a helmet, no night riding, no riding in the city of Chatham at all and when you do come into town for food or fuel, obey the speed limit of 20 or 25km/h.”

You can find a link to the ATV club here.