Brigden Event A Smashing Success


As many as 5300 people were able to take in the RCMP Musical Ride at the Brigden Fair.

Organizer Julie Maw says she’s overwhelmed with the response to the iconic event, and despite 10 years on the waiting list, she’d love to host it again.

“Ten years? I’d like to hope it’s a little shorter, You take what you can get and I think the community would be open to having them again. I think everybody is excited to host them here,” says Maw. “No one could have predicted that things would have gone so well the weather, mother nature, not so solid for farmers, but for an event like this, we couldn’t have had anything better. And all the volunteers, and the community of Sarnia Lambton and abroad, we were getting calls from London, the surrounding areas. People driving over an hour to come.”

Maw says everything went off without a hitch, thanks to their team of volunteers and support from the community.