Due to a delay in the delivery of approximately 35,000 property tax bills with a due date of August 3, 2021 Chatham-Kent is extending the due date to August 24.

The municipality has a contract with a printing service provided who is responsible for printing and mailing 49,000 tax bills by July 9 as part of the first installment of the final billing.

Chatham-Kent staff began investigating in mid July after receiving calls from property owners regarding undelivered tax bills.

It was discovered upon investigation that 35,000 tax bills were printed at one of the facilities but never delivered by Canada Post.

Once delivered further technical issues were discovered that resulted in the need to reprint all 35,000 of those bills.

Approximately 14,000 bills were printed at a separate facility and have been delivered to property owners in Chatham-Kent.

The reprinting will continue through the weekend with the remainder of bills to be delivered to Canada Post on Tuesday, August 3.

Property owners should start to receive their bills by the end of next week. The bills include an insert advising of the new due date.

No interest will be charged on payments made on or before August 24, 2021.

Property owners on the pre-authorized payment plan will still have their bank withdrawals on August 3, 2021 (due date plan) or August 15 (monthly plan).

If any taxpayers have any questions about the final installment they can contact the tax department at 3-1-1 or 519-360-1998 during office hours or by email at ckar@chatham-kent.ca.