A pair of Blenheim men are facing an enormous list of charges following a crime spree in the Rondeau area.

Around 4am Sunday officers were called to a home alarm on Bates Dr. they found tracks in the snow and followed them, finally catching up with the pair about 4km later.

One was taken into custody following a brief foot chase and a struggle.

The other escaped.

According to police the second man was arrested earlier this week.

The 20 somethings are responsible for at least 11 garage and shed break and enters in the area of Rose Beach Line and Bates Drive.

One of the accused, Peter Marsh is facing 11 counts of break and enter, a half dozen counts of theft/possession of stolen property, trespassing by night, resisting arrest and failing to comply.

His accomplice, Christian Kerr, is looking at 10 counts of B&E, 5 counts of theft/possession and trespassing by night.