Flooding in downtown Chatham, February 2018.

The LTVCA says an ice jam on the Thames is causing water levels to rapidly rise through Chatham

The jam formed last night near Prairie Siding and is causing basements along the downtown core of Chatham to flood.

The LTVCA isĀ  operating the 6th Street dam and pump. This should protect the south end of the city of Chatham on McGregor Creek from flooding.

The behavior of ice jam related flooding is very unpredictable. Water levels in the city could rise to levels seen in the 2008/2009 flood or the 1984 flood.

Residents in the south end of the city of Chatham should also pay attention to local conditions. Excessive rainfall could lead to localized flooding upstream in the areas along McGregor and Indian Creek currently protected by the 6th Street Dam.