McNaughton Defends Efforts to Protect Well Owners


A local MPP is firing back at claims he hasn’t been doing enough to protect local well owners when it comes to wind turbine development.

Photo courtesy of MPP Monte McNaughton, via Twitter.

Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton says it’s an issue he’s been pushing for years, including calling for a Health Hazard Investigation back in the fall.

“I’m looking at all the alternatives to present to the government to stop these wind projects from proceeding,” McNaughton explains, “and to stand up for those families who are impacted by these two wind projects, whether it’s the well water issue (around the North Kent Wind project area) or the endangered species with the Otter Creek project.”

McNaughton also called for a Health Hazards Investigation of contaminated wells with both the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change and the Ministry of Health back in November, a call that was echoed last week by local members of the NDP.

Earlier this week, Water Wells First spokesman Kevin Jakubec sent letters to both McNaughton and Chatham-Kent-Essex MPP Rick Nicholls, as well as the Premier, criticizing their the handling of aquifer contamination in Chatham-Kent over the past six years.