Mayoral Candidates

Harold Atkinson

I’m Harold Atkinson and I’m running for mayor of our hometown. I’m from Morpeth. Things are bad here, our roads are horrible, taxes are high, few if any jobs, our schools are in danger. Council dithers and nothing gets done. A lot of sunburned tongues. Our not so illustrious council has no idea if administration is telling them the truth about the budget.

My friends with a few simple changes we can fix a lot immediately. My plan creates à lot of real jobs and with jobs come spouses and children. Maybe enough to save some schools. My plan is for Industrial (50%), Commercial (25%), Farm and residential 10% each. Plus dividing up our 117.6 million surplus into several things such as doing our own paving/repaving (15 million) with 8 crews averaging 2ks a day. 6 months à year .We have 3,588 kms of paved roads. A College Campus Fund, I’m looking for a campus for Ridgetown, Wallaceburg and Chatham. Plus safety issues such as guard posts, fire plugs, Traffic lights. A Community Fund. Divided 20 ways, Wallaceburg could get several new facilities with my innovative plan. Folks email and i will send more details. It’s detailed.

Darrin Canniff

Darrin was born and raised in Chatham and is the married father of four children.  Darrin attended Wilfred Laurier University in Waterloo where he completed his four-year Bachelor of Business Administration degree.   Darrin then attained his Chartered Accountant (CA) designation while employed by accounting firm KPMG.  Darrin is currently Director and CFO at Transform SSO.   Previously held positions include Controller at Greenfield Ethanol and over twenty years’ experience at Union Gas where he held various positions including Director, Planning and Forecasting.

Darrin is best known for his lengthy history of community service.  Besides co-chairing the recent IPM, Darrin is the Chair of Mainstreet Credit Union, Chair of the Prosperity Roundtable and Director of the Children’s Treatment Centre Foundation, co-chair of Positivity Day in CK, past Chair of Entegrus Inc., past co-chair of the United Way Campaign and past Director of the CKHA.  Darrin has initiated and led numerous events in support of local charities including the Festival of Giving, the Amazing Race Chatham-Kent, and The Children’s Concert Series.   Darrin is the past recipient of the Spectra Energy Award in recognition of employees who exhibit outstanding service and visionary thinking and was recognized by the Chatham-Kent Chamber of Commerce as the Citizen of the Year in 2006.

Randy Hope

In government results count. As Mayor I have worked hard to stimulate the economy, we achieved results in the right direction. Unemployment is 5.6%, lowest in a decade, from a peak rate of 14% when Navistar closed. A recent survey indicates employers have 650 new jobs available. We have cut debt in half; the community’s population is increasing; recently announced two projects creating 300 jobs. A successful track record indicates that my qualifications and experience will ensure the community moves forward. Our “pay as you go” strategy is working. Improvements in firehalls, arenas, trails, roads and bridges serve residents well. I want to lead Chatham-Kent to a better future over the next four years.

I have a passion to see Chatham-Kent’s future success. We have set the direction and strategy for success. My experience, leadership and past results indicate that I am the best candidate to lead the community for the next four years. I ask for your vote to continue the initiatives we are working on. We have a major development in the Bloomfield Industrial Park which will secure good jobs for the future. I would like to deliver on all of these important projects.

Robert Salvatore Powers

I am Robert Salvatore Powers, I grew up in Chatham-Kent. I love it here, I could be anywhere else but I would always be thinking of my hometown. We have so much history to be proud of in Chatham-Kent, from industry to agriculture to sports and everything in between. As Mayor I will work with Council to ensure that the People of Chatham-Kent are served by the Municipality as best as possible.

Three Universities in two countries have conferred degrees upon me. I am a professional Political Scientist. With my education comes rights and privileges but also great responsibility. I am grateful to be considered for an opportunity to serve my hometown as Mayor. I may not have political experience, but I do have plenty of expertise I bring to the table and, frankly, our Municipality needs it. There are many big issues facing our community and through this election you have a direct say over how you feel about your Municipal Government – there is much at stake this election.

You may visit to learn more about me. Please Vote Robert Salvatore Powers for Mayor of Chatham-Kent! Remember: EVERY Vote Counts, Vote Only For The Best!

Alysson Storey

I am running for Mayor because I believe transformational change is needed to move this community forward, together. I have the experience and leadership skills to lead that transformational change. With my experience working for the Municipal, Provincial and Federal governments, I can hit the ground running. I know how to lead. I know how to listen. I know how to collaborate and build consensus. I have extensive professional networks I can call on whether it’s to lobby for an important issue or for investment and business expansion. I know how to communicate respectfully and effectively whether it’s my neighbour next door or with a Fortune 500 CEO. And I have the record of success to prove it.

What is transformational change – and why is it so important to our future? Transformational change is embracing new ideas. It’s focusing on local business, and making sure they can succeed. It’s listening to and supporting ALL residents of Chatham-Kent. And not just in words but in actions: like holding regular office hours in these communities, and ensuring roads, bridges and infrastructure are fixed on time. It’s electing someone who is not a professional politician. It’s time for transformational change. It’s our time Chatham-Kent.

Allan Traylor

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