Ward 6

Les Banks

For several years I have watched jobs continue to leave CK, I have witnessed bad management (infrastructure) and poor decisions like the Industrial Park, the bridges, Capitol Theatre, the Railroad, and turning a beautiful Tecumseh park into a flat field.

Upon investigating the operations of CK I found more and more mismanagement and bad decision making. I could no longer in good conscience just sit by and complain without trying to do something to change it.

I want to bring back common sense decision making, transparency, oversight, proper planning. I want to end waste, bring back jobs and make sure taxpayers get value for their money.

CK is a great community that is very giving and comes together for great causes. I believe our community is just such a great cause. I believe it is time for a change, and that the people need to be heard, and we should value that input and help. Together we can make this community the success it once was.

Michael Bondy

My name is Michael Bondy and I am running for re-election in Ward 6, Chatham.  I hope to continue on Council so that I can protect our citizen’s tax dollars from bad decision, from both Council and Administration.

Over the last eight years I believe I have made decisions that have been in the interest of the taxpayer.  I voted against such ideas as the railway purchase and supported providing funding for the Hospice.  As I have limited space, these are just two examples but I believe show my voting habits.  I have always tried, with little success, to shrink the size of our local government and not raise our already very high taxes.

Thank-you for your consideration on October 22.

Marjorie Crew

Community involvement is something I have always valued deeply. It is very important to me that to continue to have a positive and responsible role in strengthening and moving Chatham-Kent forward. Chatham-Kent must have a diverse group of representatives to make important decisions that affect all of our citizens.

I want to work to build a progressive, vibrant and safe community that will be welcoming to everyone, as well as retain our future generations.

Whatever the challenge or direction, Chatham-Kent 2018 council will need to work together and communicate with one another in a positive, meaningful way to produce outcomes that benefits us all as a whole.

I have always used my life experience, integrity and honesty when making decisions on behalf of our citizens and I will continue to do this for you as your Ward 6 Councillor in Chatham-Kent.

Penelope Duchesne

I am 45 years old, business owner and bilingual. 23 years ago I came to Chatham and I liked it so much I made it my home. Today I live with my husband Craig Gutteridge a local business owner.

One of my priorities is to keep tax and water bills in check and to stop these ever sky-rocketing increases. In the last 10 years if you look at your water bill alone you are looking at a 55 % increase! These increases are shocking and unacceptable.

Many residents are struggling with the ever- rising costs. I have spoken to people who pay $7000 in taxes a year and retirees on fixed pensions who cannot afford these constant hikes from council and assessments.

Lately we talk a lot about affordable housing Keeping Tax and utility bills affordable is part of that discussion. Our municipality is one of the biggest employers in C.K. It is very well staffed. Therefore, I would like to see more results in our efforts in job creations, business attraction and innovations. Let’s open Chatham for business and cut the zealous red tape!

Also on my list youth retention, tourism, drug epidemic and B&E.

For my full platform www.penelopeduchesne.com

Amy Finn

I was born and raised in Chatham-Kent.  I am a divorced, single mother of 4 boys Gerrit, Gregory, Dean, Bryce and an adopted son Justin. I recently retired from Chatham Kent Police.

I have volunteered for numerous organizations and events.  Big Sisters, Goodfellows, Neighborhood Association, Cops for Cancer, Shop with a Cop, Childrens Safety Village, Parent Counçil and have been a board member for some.

I know the struggles some families face and will strive to work as part of a team to help this community.  To make it the great area that people are proud to say they live.

Infrastructure, affordable housing, taxes, employment, high speed internet available for all areas, economic growth and job development, Mental Health and Addiction, and community involvement are areas I am passionate about.

I am running as I believe I can be a voice of the people.  To be a part of a team that works together for the betterment of the entire community.   To show the outside communities that Chatham-Kent is a unique and wonderful place to live and for the residents to be proud to say they are from Chatham-Kent.

Don Fuoco

While this is the first time running for political office, I have served for 16 years on local Provincial and Federal Political Riding Associations in the following capacities: Chief Financial Officer, Membership Chair, Director and Fundraising Chair, and I have served on two municipally appointed roles, that of the Chatham Kent Police Service Board and the Committee of Adjustments.

I have 23 years of experience in the Banking Industry, not only serving as a Banking Centre Leader, but also in the capacities of Financial Advisor for Personal and Business Clients, with all of those years, working in the Chatham-Kent area.

I understand finance and can bring a strong sense of fiscal responsibility to the taxpayers.  I have put this into action in the past few years by presenting to the budget committee during the public consultations, areas in which I felt we could save tax dollars.  I will ensure that your money is dealt with in a prudent and cost effective manner with the best return on any investment made.  If we do this effectively, people and business will notice. Those who already live and invest in this community will stay and those outside of the community will come.  We have a huge opportunity to make Chatham-Kent the envy of Ontario.

Kirk Hooker

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Ryan Jackson

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Chris June

I bring experienced leadership with a new vision.

It isn’t enough to “love where you are from.” Loving your community is just the price of admission. Being involved in this community should be a prerequisite to serving it.

Over the past 15 years I have represented our community through my involvement as Chair of the Board CK Chamber of Commerce, Co-Chair of the CK Workforce Planning Board, Co-Chair of the CK Communities Leaders Cabinet, Co-Chair of the CK Canadian Leaning Bond Committee, and volunteering with the CK United Way Campaign Cabinet and CK United Way funding and distribution committee.

I have built a strong vision for what I believe is possible. I have led discussions in collaboration with local municipal government and administration, Economic Development, St. Clair College, Ridgetown College, and CK Employment and Social Services to work on strategies that would help CK regain its swagger. A proud place to call home.

I am asking for your support by voting for me as your candidate in Ward 6 because what I bring is proven leadership experience, I’ve earned the trust, respect and the confidence of others by remaining Genuine and Honest.

Karen Kirkwood-Whyte

Having served in all three sectors of the community – business, government and non-profit – I bring a unique perspective to Municipal Council.  I have extensive leadership experience in bringing diverse groups of people together to address community issues.  I have managed very tight budgets and I have contributed thousands of volunteer hours to chairing numerous community boards and committees.  As a recent retiree, I can now commit the necessary time to the important role of municipal governance.

I have devoted the majority of my working career to helping people and I’d like to continue to do that.  In addition to key responsibilities in the area of infrastructure, unencumbered support for local business and quality of life for all residents, I’d like to focus on three key issues during the upcoming term of office – all of which can be addressed by working “better together”.

  1. Valuing all three sectors of the community
  2. Valuing all generations
  3. Valuing all communities within Chatham-Kent

If you’d like a little more information about me, I invite you to visit my website, noONEleftBEHIND.ca – also my personal vision for Chatham-Kent.

Your VOTE counts!  I’d welcome your support on – or before – October 22!  Thank you.

Don “Sparky” Leonard

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Brock McGregor

Over the past four years, it has been a privilege to represent residents of Ward 6. I see tremendous opportunity in our community, and believe we require innovative, open-minded, and transparent government in order to move our municipality forward.

I grew up in Chatham-Kent, and left to pursue academic opportunities in Guelph and Toronto. After moving back to open a Naturopathic Medical practice and raise a family, I committed to work within the community I love to pursue positive change.

Having a young family, running a small business, and being involved in a number of community initiatives has provided me with a unique perspective with which to view our municipality. That perspective is required on council in order to attract and retain young families, and facilitate small business growth.

I care deeply about the success of our community, and firmly believe I have the skill set to be an important part of municipal leadership capable of seizing opportunity, facing challenges, and responding to the needs of our community.

Drew Simpson

Why are you running for council? Firstly Chatham needs a General Dynamics satellite manufacturing plant and I am seeking to generate economic potential from having built bought and sold from the municipality to the province and on to the feds at discount.

What skills, experience, talents, etc., do you feel you will bring to the position? Drew means skillful in essence the job of councillor may be a fashionable position to seek a one term high efficiency municipality.

Doug Sulman

I have served Chatham-Kent as a school board trustee, an alderman, and a municipal councillor. I have been president of the Kent Law Association and have also served the community as President of the Rotary Club, and on the board of several charities.

I believe experience is essential to be effective on council. You have to understand the municipal finances, know who to contact, and ask tough questions in order to get things done for taxpayers. Rarely a meeting goes by where my experience hasn’t saved taxpayers’ money or helped avoid a costly mistake.

I consistently opposed unnecessary spending on things like owning a railroad, and I brought the motion at budget which reduced the tax increase.

I also brought a motion before council to let the people vote on how many councillors there should be. Unfortunately, too many councillors did not want to give you that vote. If elected, I’ll be bringing the same motion – after all, it’s people who should have their say.

In this election there are seven vacant council seats (that’s 1/3 of council) and perhaps a rookie Mayor. More than at any time, Chatham needs my experience, knowledge, and common sense approach.

Gordon Thomas

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James Thompson

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Larry Vellinga

I’m Larry Vellinga and I’m a candidate for Council in Ward 6.

I entered this race to facilitate and encourage job creation for the youth of Chatham-Kent. It’s essential we stop the youth exodus and give them valid opportunities to succeed. They represent our future.

Secondly, maintaining a laser focus on how our tax dollars are being spent and voting against frivolous spending, e.g. THE railroad, China excursions. With every budget placed in front of Council, we should always ask “What is the value for the citizens of CK and are we receiving favourable value for their hard-earned tax dollars?”

Third, supporting our local businesses to help them grow. This is where our job growth will occur. The big manufacturing plants are part of Chatham-Kent’s history, our local businesses and entrepreneurs are our future.

From a bios perspective, I have achieved an MBA majoring in eCommerce and Technology. I’m employed at Ford Motor Company in Windsor as the Facilities Maintenance Manager. I believe my business experience as a Manager at Ford Motor Company, combined with my education and common-sense approach provide me the tools necessary to make meaningful, fiscally responsible decisions for the citizens of Chatham Kent.

This election, VOTE VELLINGA.