Red Barn Ramping Up


Work continues on a new brewery outside Blenheim.

Photo courtesy of Red Barn Brewing.

Red Barn Brewing is a new concept in CK with an agritourisim slant, growing barley and hops on site and giving people what co-owner Denny Vervaet calls a farm to table experience.

“We have hops that we planted in the fall and we’re hoping we can show people what hops are because even before I started learning about beer, I didn’t know what hop were myself,” Vervaet says. “We’ll have some barley that we’ll grow on site just to show that as well, we’ll take you through the whole process of how beer goes from the ground and into the glass.”

The barn is up and the team is now working on building the production room. Vervaet says they’re getting ready to brew.

“We’re hoping that any day now we’ll get our license, we’ve had some interest from local restaurants and licensees that want our product, hopefully in the next month or so our product will be out there.”

Vervaet says the hope is to have the beer in local stores and restaurants in the next couple of months, and then open the brewery in the summer.