With all test results complete, Chatham-Kent still has ZERO positive cases of COVID-19 in long term care facilities.
Despite outbreaks at 280 different long-term care homes across Ontario, and nearly 1,500 deaths, Chatham-Kent continues to beat the odds.
A total of 1,691 staff and residents have been tested. Results yielded a 100% negative result.
“This is terrific for our long term care organizations,” remarks CKHA President and CEO Lori Marshall. “It’s very heartening to see. It really is incredible.”
Marshall thinks other regions may want to look at how C-K has handled the pandemic in long term care and take note.
“I think we need to tell our story here. I think while our geography has helped, the fact that we are more rural definitely has helped us. But I also think there have been some decisions made between Public Health, the hospital, long term care and other organizations and the way our community has responded. That may be helpful for other areas. If we can create the playbook, then let’s do that.”