Thames River Poker Run This Weekend


Photo courtesy of LTVCA

Paddlers of all descriptions will be hitting the water this weekend at the Thames Grove Conservation Area.

Their paddling in support of the Big Fix trap neuter release

Coordinator Michelle Hallmark says it’s about a 8.5km paddle.

‘this year we are doing a five bridge challenge starting at Thames Grove, you’ll head out and utilize the Thames River through the black bridge, fifth and third st bridge. Lacroix and Keil, and then at Keil you turn around and come back to Thames Grove, all the while picking up your poker chips along the way,” says Hallmark.  “To be able to have a return route, so having those five bridges in town, we decided we wanted to do a poker run and we decided to just run with it.

All you have to do is show up Saturday morning to register.

Details can be found here.