Unifor Pushes Back At GM


Unifor executives are planning a large demonstration in Oshawa Friday to create pressure on GM to reverse the decision to close that plant in 2020.

At yesterday’s news conference, President of Local 222, Colin James, says it’s not just a union issue, it’s a Canadian one.

Canadian taxpayers bailed them out, our members bailed them out, our retirees bailed bailed them out and our community bailed them out. they’re turning their backs on Canadians  this is not only about GM, this will happen in other facilities. We cannot allow this to happen,” says James.

I’m totally devastated, disappointed and disgusted with the decision today they had the opportunity to make the right decision and change the choices they made. They chose to stick with they’re decision, in the name of corporate greed. It not only affects 2500 workers in Oshawa, this is going to devastate our community.”

Tuesday night, Oshawa workers staged a five hour sit-down protest.