The Ontario government is creating a task force to address local flooding concerns.

Sydenham River, May 2, 2019.

In a statement to the 99.1 news room, Rick Nicholls, MPP for Chatham-Kent-Leamington, said “Point Pelee and low lying areas that border the Thames River, such as Thamesville and Chatham, will factor into our continued work on preparation and response to flooding and other emergency situations.”

While the task force will consult with Ontarians in Muskoka, Pembroke, and Ottawa later this month about how to better prepare for floods, no engagement sessions are planned in southwestern Ontario.

The government says the task force will consult with municipal, Indigenous, and industry leaders on how to better prepare for floods and respond to them when they happen.

When asked why Chatham-Kent wasn’t included in the initial round of consultations, Nicholls responded saying the government “just created a task force to work immediately on flood mitigation. Municipalities continue to be in contact with the conservation authorities and are leading preventative actions.”