It is New Years Eve 2014,  as I look back at the year on how the Wallaceburg Veterans and Families Support Group faired. Well for starters, we have a few new members. Most important to the group we held a Headstone Ceremony and Honoured Fallen Veteran ex MCPL Edward Beresford and his family. This one function showed that we as Veterans and our Families cared and will do the right thing for a fallen Veteran and that Veteran’s Family.  I would invite any Family who have a Veteran buried in an unmarked grave to please contact us for help to get that Veteran a headstone. We have a nice 1 by 2 foot stone which we get and then we hold a Headstone Ceremony to Honour the Veteran and their Family which is only right given that they served Canada.

Also we help each other to get help for our wounds and our PTSD etc. This is an important corner stone of the group. Knowing that you are not alone with your wounds, that others also suffer the same wounds and are that we are there to help you get help and will be there for you  by listening to you and offering what advise we can. Just by listening as someone talks about their problems is important to that Veteran or that Family member. We enjoy our pot luck meals during the year, including last night’s Christmas meal. As well we drive people home from picking up their Christmas Hamper from the Salvation Army here in Wallaceburg. We have done this since the group formed.

Looking ahead to 2015, I hope to see more people coming forward to the group. We are open to Canadian, USA and Allied Veterans, the serving members of our Military’s, also Police and other first responders and their Families. We hope to see you in 2015. Our first meeting will be Jan 20th at 7:00PM at First Baptist Church on Thomas Ave. You can get to it by turning onto Napier from Margaret here in Wallaceburg Ont. Also check out our face book page: The Wallaceburg Veterans and Families Support Group for the blog and information on the group’s activities during the year.

We look forward to seeing you or hearing for you. If you are in need of talking to someone before then, please private message me via our facebook page or e-mail me at robthegolfnut@yahoo.ca we are here to help. Don’t suffer alone, let’s talk, shall we?

Lest We Forget.

Robert Simpson