The lights could be back on at a couple of local Chatham-Kent ice pads as early as next week.
99.1 has confirmed with Mayor Darrin Canniff that either ONE OF or BOTH OF the Thames Campus Arena and Blenheim Arena will open “sometime next week, subject to demand.”
The two facilities are the only two arenas typically with ice at this time of the year, with more following suit in later August under normal circumstances.
Mayor Canniff re-iterates the arenas opening is completely subject to demand.
“For example, if we only have half of the demand, we would only be able to open one of the two arenas,” he says.
User groups in the area are encouraged to reach out to their usual contacts to book ice time. You can also call 519-360-1998.
In order to secure ice, sport organizations must be provincially or nationally approved, with return to play protocols in place.