The Municipality of Chatham-Kent may be hopping into the toilet to find a new, environmentally friendly energy source.
Among the topics at Monday night’s virtual council table is a potential $75 million energy partnership that will turn poop into energy.
Yes. You read that right.
According to reports, Chatham-Kent is already in the early stages of investing and being a partner in the project with Greenfield Global Incorporated.
Council is set to make a decision on whether or not to go all-in (or full-wipe?) and become a 40% partner with Greenfield on the approximately $75 million Waste to Energy project to be located in Chatham.

Greenfield Global plans to apply to the Federal Clean Fuels Fund grant program for funding.

Greenfield Global currently operates a similar plant in Quebec. The Quebec plant has been operational for eight years and has been noted for having significant environmental benefits.