It’s that time of year again when fans get excited for playoff baseball. The stress, the drama, the excitement…. and of course, the FOUR HOUR GAMES!

Doesn’t take long for that last one to kick in and remind us about a big issue facing the game. The length of these playoff games is astounding.

It usually is… Things seem to grind to a halt with more pitching changes and more chats and it just drags on.. and on. That Yankees-Twins game went 4:15 the other night. There is NOTHING I want to watch for that long. The argument has always been that kids can’t stay up past the 5th inning… and you are losing that generation of fans.

NOW you are losing Mom and Dad as well. They have work in the morning and other commitments that make it tough to stay up that late. The East coast is sleeping through the best part of the season. Baseball’s attendance dropped for a 4th straight year and I can’t help think this has something to do with it. Even the older lady that sits behind the plate is only attending the first game of each series. I couldn’t even do that.

They say time is money… but with the times of these games, it’s hard to get up in the morning and make your money.