One of the many COVID casualties was youth sports.
It’s great to see the kids back in the rinks for minor hockey. It was a tough time for the youngsters who were denied the opportunity that we had as kids. To get woken up by our parents at an ungodly hour, apologize to Mom for forgetting to hang up your equipment to dry from last week creating a stench in your hockey bag that could dull the blades on your skates, and heading off to begin what will no doubt result in a career in the NHL.
But let’s be honest. It’s as much for the hockey Moms and Dads as it is for the future Gretzky’s and Crosby’s. You know they love to sit up there and brag about their kids. I know my dad sure did. He’d be standing in the corner with the other Dads talking about their son’s goals and skating abilities. My dad would jump right in there with… “boy, Bill is getting up off the ice much quicker now when he trips over the blueline.” Or… “don’t worry son… skating backwards is over rated.” Mom was always there to yell encouraging things at me like “Bill… did you remember to put on your little cup.?!” Really… it had to be a ‘little’ cup, Mom. I begged her from then on not to mention a cup unless it was Lord Stanley’s.
Yup… those were the days, alright, and I’m glad things have returned to the point we can enjoy our Saturdays at the arena. They were always the best. As long as we were home by 11 for Superfriends.