Caring Kids Looking for Members


A local group of kids is hoping to make a difference in the community.

The 100 Kids Who Care is now in its second year, explains chapter leader Rachel Raspburg.

“We are a group that tries to gather as many kids as we can in a room for one hour three times a school year. At each of those meetings the kids bring $10 to a local charity. the kids are responsible for nominating a charity that they are passionate about and then three of the nominations will be drawn from a hat and those members will present at the meeting to the kids,” says Raspburg. “Once the kids have made a donation, at the very next meeting that charity will come to present to the kids to complete the giving loop so they can see what their donation was used for and the good it did in the community. So when we meet January 20th at the Royal Canadian Legion in Chatham, we’ll have somebody from the outreach for hunger, which was our October winner.

Raspburg says the kids range in age from 5-17 and they’ve donated to organizations like the New Animal Shelter, Pet and Wildlife Rescue, and Outreach for Hunger.

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