The St Clair Catholic District School Board is behind the eight ball when it comes to consolidating some of its south Chatham elementary schools.

Superintendent of Education Laura Callaghan says next month will be the last for students at the aging St Joseph’s school before being moved to St Ursula in the fall.

“It really is a result in a continued declining enrollment there. We were looking at two triple split grade classrooms next year. Our goal is to provide excellent catholic education for all our students with there being room at St. Ursula’s it just made sense for our students to join that family as we wait to build our new south Chatham school,” notes Callaghan. ” We’re working hard to make sure the transition is a smooth one. We’ve organized a committee  where we’ll have parents and students and staff from both of the schools to provide some opportunities for students at St. Joe’s to go over to St. Ursula’s and become part of the community by the end of the year.”

Callaghan says while they’re still trying to find a suitable location for the south-end school, she’s confident the issues will be resolved shortly.