Tune in to hear the CHICKEN & WAFFLES BAND all this week on the XS Local Spotlight at 3:40 pm during WEEKDAZE with Jay & C-P!

Toronto’s hottest new R&B unit playing great classic R&B tracks from the 70’s, 80’s, and 90’s to today’s Top 40 hits.

This band can also take you on a great POP/ Rock journey of memorable hits featuring two very energetic front men backed by a sizzling band delivering the music.

Be sure to book this band for your Club, Corporate or Party event.

The members are – Omar Lunan (Canadian Idol, lead vocals), Jarelle Christie (lead vocals), Joel Joseph (Nelly Furtado – Keyboards & Bass), and Deryck Roche (Drums). Female vocalists Toya ALexis (Canadian Idol), and Tracey Watford are also auxiliary members and are available for events.

You can check out the CHICKEN & WAFFLES BAND this weekend at the Buxton Homecoming during the “Party In The Park” – Saturday, September 3rd from 8pm-1am in the North Buxton Community Park grounds.

Check out a full schedule of events for the Buxton Homecoming by clicking here!

Lead Singer Omar Lunan:

From auditioning for the Toronto production of The Lion King Musical, to capturing a JUNO Award nomination with his group The Show (formerly known as Unique), the experiences that also led Omar Lunan to the Canadian Idol Top 24 were quite unique.

Bringing his versatility to the competition on a weekly basis gave Omar an edge over the rest of the Top 24. “I can sing almost any style of music and I am not afraid to challenge myself. I am going to try songs that I don’t normally sing, and do them justice!”

For Omar, it took a great deal of focus to be successful musically, especially as he prepared for Canadian Idol.

Omar draws a great deal of inspiration from major Urban music moguls and has respect for the careers of artists like Usher. He thinks there is a lot to learn from the example they set. “I’d want to be able to meet Jay-Z and ask about his life’s journey, from his beginning stages to the pinnacle of his success.”

Omar is also dedicated to his family, and gets a great deal of inspiration from them. “My parents taught me that you just have to create opportunities for yourself.” A father himself, above and beyond his music, Omar’s son is the greatest pride of his life.

At home in Scarborough, Omar works as a registered massage therapist, his passion in life outside of music. “Aside from music, I have always loved sciences, anatomy in particular. There is nothing more rewarding about being a massage therapist than getting to do something I’m excited about every day while being entrepreneur at the same time!”