Stock photo, courtesy of Pixabay.

One of Chatham-Kent’s home builders is taking action to address the housing crisis within the municipality.

Maple City Homes has announced that it will reduce and freeze the prices on all its remaining 2022 homes to prevent bidding wars or unforeseen costs. The home builder will also be offering up to $80,000 in rebates to buyers for 14 homes that have already been sold.

Maple City Homes President Robb Nelson said they were recently able to secure better pricing on materials and trade contracts, giving them the opportunity to give back to the local community.

“We’re here to build the community, we want Chatham-Kent to flourish, and this is how we’re doing our part,” Nelson said in a news release. “We know we can make more profit, but we don’t think it’s right. This is what’s right for the housing sector.”

Beginning next year, Maple City Homes also intends to address growing demand by doubling the number of homes built. Nelson said the number of homes constructed will increase from 100 per year to up to 200 starting in 2023.