Good news for drivers in Chatham-Kent.

Mayor Darrin Canniff says $8.2 million has been approved to resurface roads across the municipality.

“We’re working with some new fibre technology,” Canniff explains. “We’re doing some test plots across Chatham-Kent but there’s fibre within the pavement to allow for it to last longer.”

The work will be carried out by Chatham-Kent based Huron Construction, the only company to submit a bid on the project.

Canniff says new technology is also helping to gauge the condition of roads across Chatham-Kent.

“It’s actually a science of what roads need to be repaved,” Canniff says. “We have a technology called Street Scan, basically a vehicle that drives on every road, up and down, all throughout Chatham-Kent, and it scientifically takes the condition of all the roads. A major piece of what areas they’re going to do is based on the science, not just looking at it and saying yeah, that kind of needs it.”

A number of roads will be resurfaced across Chatham-Kent over the next several months, including parts of Main, Pearl, Mason, Albert, and Duke Streets in Wallaceburg.

CLICK HERE for a full list of roads scheduled to be resurfaced in 2022.