Although the number of COVID patients being treated at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance remains relatively low, local officials are keeping a close eye on the situation at hospitals across the province.

CEO Lori Marshall says with ICUs in some regions reaching capacity, things here could change quickly. 

“Over the weekend there were some patients who were moved from the GTA out as far as Kingston and London,” Marshall says.

Marshall says moving ICU patients from one region to another is unprecedented in Ontario. 

“We know that our beds and our assets are provincial assets, so we really sit at the ready not only to respond¬† to our own local needs, should those arise, but also to provide some relief to the rest of the province that are just having such a terrible time with this.”

As of Wednesday morning, there is one COVID-positive patient at the Health Alliance, being treated in the COVID Unit.

Four patients are being treated in the ICU, none of whom are COVID-positive.