Climate Change Action Plan to be Discussed


A public meeting at the Civic Centre this week is shining a light on the impact of change, both in Chatham-Kent and as part of a global effort to protect the environment.

Sydenham River, August 19, 2019.

The meeting comes in the wake of declaring a climate change emergency back in July, which directed staff to identify target areas in municipal policy to reduce our individual and collective environmental impact.

“Chatham-Kent needs to understand what measures we need to take in order to adapt to climate change,” said John Norton, General Manager of Chatham-Kent Community Development. “The Municipality of Chatham-Kent must also look to do its part in the global effort to try and mitigate the effects of climate change.”

The draft Terms of Reference will establish the goal and purpose of the Climate Change Action Plan, how the plan will be developed, and important details such as what is in scope.

Officials say the plan will include consultation with elected officials, climate change experts, municipal staff, property owners, businesses, public partners, and residents across all of Chatham-Kent.

Tuesday’s meeting gets underway at 5 o’clock in room 212, beside Council Chambers.