CDAC holds its inaugural meeting, January 8, 2019. Photo courtesy of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

A new committee has been formed, dealing with the municipality’s Community Development department.

The Community Development Advisory Committee held its first meeting on Tuesday, January 8, 2019 at the Civic Centre.

Wallaceburg Councillor Aaron Hall was elected as Chair of the committee.

“I am thrilled to be the Chair of the Community Development Advisory Committee. I believe we have an excellent group with Councillors Melissa Harrigan and Michael Bondy and our community appointees, Gordon Thomas, Dan Chauvin, Don Fuoco, Moréna McDonald and youth member, Morgan Davis. We have an excellent opportunity to provide some valuable input and to help keep the Municipality moving forward in a positive direction,” said Hall.

The inaugural meeting consisted of a presentation on the Red Tape Challenge, which is a “proactive project focused on finding new efficiencies and eliminating perceived and actual barriers that may exist within Community Development” and committee members provided feedback and suggestions on the overall plan.

John Norton, General Manager for Community Development, says the committee will provide a “fresh set of eyes on projects” to help keep the department grounded in their goals to be a community partner and that the committee is comprised of a wide range of skill sets.

Going forward, the committee will assist staff with strategic direction on activities related to Economic Development, Planning, Building, Legal, and Fire and Emergency Services. CDAC will also have the chance to hear updates and ask questions of all Community Development departments.

Municipal officials say future meetings will be open to the public and dates and times will be posted on the municipal website.