Anthony Ceccacci

A Chatham-Kent councillor is hoping the provincial government can provide additional support to address those who repeatedly infringe on municipal bylaws.

CK Council is set to consider a motion put forward by South Kent Councillor Anthony Ceccacci, who has asked that the municipality send a letter to provincial officials, in an effort to crack down on repeat bylaw offenders.

The motion calls for the correspondence to be sent to the Attorney General of Ontario and any other applicable ministries, requesting a review and enhancement of municipal powers.

A similar request from council was made in 2019 as part of the Continuous Improvement/Red Tape Reduction Review.

According to Ceccacci’s motion, bylaw complaints regarding neighbourhood issues, such as property standards, garbage, and derelict vehicles, are a common occurrence in CK, as are repeat offenders.

The municipality’s current ability to address these neighbourhood issues is constrained by existing provincial legislation, Ceccacci said. He added that the issues are likely to worsen with the increased need for more housing across the province.

Council will vote on the motion during its meeting on Monday.