A number of long term care facilities are in line for more provincial funding.

$5.2 million is being shared between Chatham-Kent and Leamington to increase COVID-19 prevention and containment efforts.

“With everything we’ve learnt about COVID-19, we know how vulnerable our senior citizen population can be,” said Rick Nicholls, MPP for Chatham-Kent-Leamington. “This funding is specifically meant to keep those vulnerable residents healthy and safe. We are all in this together and need to protect the ones we love.”

The funding will cover eligible expenses related to various increased safety measures, including:

  • An immediate 24/7 health checkpoint to confirm staff and essential caregivers entering the building are properly screened for COVID-19 symptoms and potential exposure, and to continue screening residents on an ongoing basis to support early detection and containment of any new infections;
    • Additional prevention and containment activities, such as hiring new staff to carry-out the added workload for essential services and/or to replace workers who are sick or in isolation;
    • Cleaning, equipment, and operating supplies beyond typical levels for the home; and
    • Implementing infection control measures based on clinical evidence, advice from a
    physician or other regulated health practitioners with expertise in infection control.

As part of this second wave of funding, Blenheim Community Village is receiving $88,500, Fairfield Park in Wallaceburg is being given $93,300, Copper Terrace is in line for $227,500, Meadow Park Nursing Home in Chatham is receiving $164,200, Tilbury Manor Nursing Home is receiving $42,000, and Village on the Ridge is receiving $35,200.

The lion’s share of Chatham-Kent’s share of the money, over 1.7 million, is going to Riverview Gardens. That brings the municipally-run facility’s total prevention and containment support since the start of the pandemic to $2,850,500.