The CKXS Local Spotlight Battle 2.0 is coming soon to a television set near you!

TV Cogeco is set to premiere the event locally on Friday, May 13th at 8PM. The program will repeat multiple times thoughout the weekend and following week. Click on to find out when repeats are going to air.

Local music talent is alive and well!

The CKXS Local Spotlight Battle 2.0 proved just that!

Six of the area’s best, young, aspiring musical acts took centre stage and entertained a jam-packed CBD Club crowd!

With local community groups in the crowd looking for future musical guests for upcoming special events and festivals, and with a notable table of judges looking on including one of Canada’s best up-and-coming singer-songwriters Jay Allan, Stephanie Poort of Hello Bella, Scotty Bollert of After The Lounge, Bill Wolsing of the local WAMBO committee and CKXS’ own Dana Treacy – our six acts had their work cut out for them,but definitely didn’t disappoint!

With huge prizing up for grabs, each act took control of their opportunity, vying for possible studio time, the recording of an EP, a new website, a full photo shoot, merchandise, gear, some cash, Local Spotlight features 0n 99.1, future gigs and headlining a summer show alongside their judges Jay Allan, Hello Bella and After The Lounge.

When all was said and done, Chatham’s Objective Unknown took home third place while newly created Electric Mudd scored a second place finish with an old school blues sound that helped create a great atmosphere to start the evening. Creek Street Sessions amazed the crowd and had the dance floor packed with their new vision and sound – a blues-rock infusion that much like Electric Mudd, has to be seen and heard to truly be appreciated. Creek Street Sessions were awarded the Fan Ballot through the evening and were rewarded with future shows at WAMBO and at Wallaceburg’s Canada Day celebration.

And then there was one. Only one act could walk away the top dogs, and it was evident 20 seconds into their first song, that a young group from Wallaceburg had come to steal the show. Daybreak did exactly that!

Huge congratulations to this year’s battle champs, DAYBREAK – Danny Owens, Todd Elliot, Eric Badder and Chris Driessens for playing the show of their young lives on Thursday night and taking home top recognition!

The CKXS Local Spotlight Battle 2.0 would not have been a success or even existed without the generous co-operation of our event sponsors – Starlight Studio (Tecumseh Road, Walpole Island), Brent Foster Photography, The Gear Box, CIK Marketing, ScreenArt International, Create C-K, The Sydenham Cultural Action Team, The CBD Club and Tony’s One Stop Music Shop!

A very special thanks to our technical crew who graciously donated their time again this year, including sound guy/production guru  Paul Vannatto as well as Rory and Andrew for their help through the day and evening! Thanks guys!