There were times not so long ago, where Chatham-Kent planning meetings were quick and easy affairs.

However, with recent population growth and development activity in the municipality, Chatham-Kent planning meetings are full of activity.

Tonight’s planning meeting is a good example of how things have changed.

Among the things on tonight’s agenda include a report on a secondary plan for part of Wheatley, which will lay out and prepare a long-term growth plan for the southern part of Wheatley to achieve its growth potential over the next several decades.

There will also be proposed zoning by-law amendments for the redevelopment of the former St. Vincent Catholic school to a 36-unit apartment building, a proposed eight-unit row house dwelling in Wheatley, the creation of four bachelor apartments in a former chiropractor office in Blenheim, as well as zoning changes to create a residential subdivision in Blenheim.

Additionally, there will be applications to sever properties to create residential lots for building of homes near Bothwell and in Wheatley.