Donations, Suds, And 80’s Duds


The efforts to erect a new building for the Children’s Treatment Centre got a big boost from a local brewery.

Sons of Kent teamed up with Hall Of Famer Fergie Jenkins and have been selling a very popular beer called Fergies Classic Pilsner.

Friday night they announced they have sold over 44, 000 cans across Ontario and handed over a check for $17,392. 50.

Colin Chrysler, co-founder of Son’s of Kent said ” being able to make a beer with Fergie Jenkins has been an incredible experience, but having the ability to use that beer to raise funds for the Children’s Treatment Centre is the real home run for us”.

The Apollo Group of Companies then stepped in to match the donation for a total contribution of $34,705.

The beer will still be available for another few months around Chatham-Kent.

Also at the event they announced the theme for this year’s Festival of Giving will have an 80’s theme, I want My MTV, A Totally RAD Festival of Giving.

The event is set for April 18th at the John Bradley Convention Centre in Chatham.

Tickets go on sale Monday at