Calling it a serious and critical issue, Chatham-Kent emergency responders are also asking for a significant upgrade to their emergency services radio network.

Chatham-Kent’s Emergency Communications Governance Committee will be approaching Chatham-Kent council during a special meeting tonight, asking council to spend $11 million over five years to upgrade the network.

Chatham-Kent fire, police, and public works rely on a radio system to support critical communications.

The current emergency services network has dealt with communications failures experienced by both fire and police on many occasions, which has posed a significant risk issue for both front-line responders as well as the citizens of Chatham-Kent, according to a report going to council tonight.

The report said current public safety radio communications equipment has been in service for over 25 years.

The committee is making the recommendation to council to purchase a Public Safety Radio Network consisting of municipally owned infrastructure with operation conducted through a managed service provider.