In this new reality of social distancing and self-isolation, finding ways to connect is more important than ever.

Photo courtesy of The Cultural Centre, via Facebook.

Enter Mark Reinhart, Chatham-Kent’s outreach co-ordinator for arts and culture, who in partnership with Public Health has coined the phrase “Be Apart, Stay Together CK” – a hashtag cropping up on social media more and more in the last week.

“We came up with this hashtag as more or less a strategic umbrella under which all these amazing, creative things we’re doing right now can fall so that we have a document on the other side of this that has collected all these amazing things,” Reinhart says.

The campaign is gaining momentum with ideas like hosting street dance parties, online art, dance, and yoga lessons, local musicians sharing their music online, and people putting art up in their windows to help brighten up the neighbourhood.

Reinhart it the COVID-19 pandemic has created a confusing and stressful time for so many people, and if they can help ease some of that, all the better.

“Arts and culture has a role in every conversation, whether it’s public health or building bridges, and we’re just trying to do our small part in trying to make sense of what’s going on.”

Reinhart is encouraging people to post their own pictures or videos of creative ways they’re staying connected and share it on the Cultural Centre Facebook page.