2020 marks the third year brave souls will take part in the annual Chatham-Kent Polar Plunge.

Organizer Chatham-Kent Police Constable Jason Herder has a word of advice for those looking to take part: don’t talk yourself out of it.

“I think your imagination will probably get the best of you the first time,” Herder says. “It’s still cold and it still hurts, but it’s not as bad as you think it’s going to be. Just keep your head above water and you’ll be ok.”

There are two plunges planned at ThamesĀ  Campus thisĀ  coming Saturday, one at 2pm and the second at 6pm.

Herder says it’s a fun day, all in support of Special Olympics.

“Everyone that’s either jumping or waiting to jump or have jumped usually are out there rooting everyone on,” Herder says. “We have a DJ that plays music, we’ve got an MC for the event encouraging everyone for their jumps and cheering everyone on. It’s a great atmosphere that way.”

So far 137 people have signed up, and online donations have the event at 50% of the fundraising goal.

Last year’s event raised over $40,000.

To register or donate, click here.