FUNNY LIES PARENTS TELL THEIR KIDS (to make their lives easier…)

⇒ “My friend tells her kids that her engine won’t start until her car hears the seatbelts go click…” — Mommy Owl
⇒ “My kids think the Tooth Fairy is allergic to dust and she can’t come unless their rooms are super clean” – Mindy Mejia
⇒ “I just wanted 5 minutes to drink my coffee so I sent my kid in the other room to look for a toy that’s in my pocket. Follow me for more parenting hacks” – Not the Nanny
⇒ “If my son wants to watch one of his annoying shows that I’m not in the mood to tolerate I tell him that the main character is taking a nap (he’s 4)” — Anna
⇒ “Heard another parent tell their kid that when the ice cream truck plays its jingle it means they’ve sold out of ice cream. Using that now” – The Dad
⇒ “I got tired of waiting for the toaster, so I convinced my kids to eat something called “cold toast”. It’s now their favorite breakfast food. I’ve peaked as a parent.” – James Breakwell, Exploding Unicorn
⇒ “My toddler thinks that you have to line your tummy with good food first, so that you won’t get sick from junk food” – THAT Toddler Mom
⇒ “My kids wouldn’t eat Brussel sprouts however, they cleared the plates of baby cabbages” – Gavin Heath
⇒ “Parents are allowed to be hypocrites. I tell my kids it’s wrong to lie AND that Baby Shark was destroyed in a fire at the internet factory” – The Dad
⇒ “Daddy can not hear when it’s dark. Call Mummy if you wake up at night. Actually worked till my wife found out” – Lee Cooper
(What lies have you told YOUR kids?)