The family of a Chatham-Kent Police officer who passed away last summer has made a meaningful donation to the CK Traffic Unit.

Sgt Matt Stezycki says Andrew Gaiswinkler’s family helped them acquire a Faro Scanner to replace their 20 year old equipment.

“We were in a position where we need to upgrade our equipment. in July of 2018 one of our reconstruction officers passed away. Andrew was a very dedicated officer and he cared about reconstruction and he was very skilled and knowledgeable. It was very sad and hurtful that he passed away and his family wished to assist our unit and acquire some equipment to enhance our reconstruction because that was what he was passionate about, so we did some research, we contacted other services and we made the decision to do with the Faro Visionary Scanner,” says Stezycki.

Stezycki says the $74,000 piece of equipment allows them to scan and obtain information about a scene more efficiently, effectively, and more safely.