The province is trying to make life a little easier for truckers across Ontario, mandating businesses provide washroom access to delivery drivers.

At the beginning of the pandemic, some businesses limited washrooms to their own staff to prevent any potential transmission of COVID-19.

However, Labour Minister Monte McNaughton says new legislation to be introduced at Queens Park will require businesses to allow delivery workers access to their washrooms so long as they are picking up or dropping off an item.

“It’s a disgrace that these drivers have to plan their day around when they can find an open door,” McNaughton says. “Giving people access to a basic facility like a clean washroom is a matter of common decency.”

The new rules would cover truck drivers, couriers, food delivery workers, and Canada Post employees. It would not apply to washrooms in private residences.

Roughly 203,700 people in Ontario were working as transport, bus, taxi and delivery drivers in 2020, with another 30,800 mail carriers, couriers, messengers, and door-to-door distributors.