Downtown Wallaceburg.

Chatham-Kent police are asking for Wallaceburg residents to help out following the third store break in over the past couple of weeks.

The Rexall Pharma Plus on James Street was broken into early Sunday morning. The back door was kicked in and $1100 worth of fragrances were stolen.

Over the last two weeks, thieves have also targeted Save Max and New Vision Optical on James Street. Police say all three break-ins occurred early in the morning.

Authorities are investigating all three and looking for witnesses and surveillance tape. But they need people to be vigilant and if you see of hear anything suspicious call police.

They stress officers need to know about these activities so they can possibly prevent a crime from happening.

They can also step up patrols and be more visible. So they’re asking residents not to hesitate calling police, saying community safety requires all of us to work together.