Indefinite Water Safety Bulletin Issued


The St. Clair Region Conservation Authority issuing a precedent setting Indefinite Water Safety Bulletin this week.

High water on the Sydenham River, June 25, 2019.

Emily De Cloet, Water Resources Specialist with the authority, says it could remain in place well into August.

“With water levels being so high, we’re in this interesting predicament where if the wind comes from the south or the west, it’s actually going to push water up the Sydenham River, and that can cause water levels to rise in downtown Wallaceburg,” De Cloet says.

The standard risks remain, fast moving water, slippery banks and increased erosion. Boaters are reminded to follow posted speeds and no-wake zones while out on the water.

“Typically, our bulletins have an expiry date,” De Cloet says. “The indefinite one just means it’s ongoing as water levels aren’t receding.”

The SCRCA has issued more bulletins in the first seven months of this year than all of 2018.