Graham Cubitt B.A., Indwell Director of Projects & Development. Photo credit: Chris Taylor.

Two delegations made presentations and asked for money from Chatham-Kent during their opening night of budget meetings held on January 11.

Indwell Community Homes, a Christian-based registered charity that provides supportive and affordable housing is looking to build an affordable housing community at the former St. Agnes School in Chatham. The project, once complete, is expected to include 95 units, which will feature a variety of housing types and a spectrum of supports for residents.

Indwell is asking Chatham-Kent for just under $9.7 million. Indwell’s Graham Cubitt said he doesn’t believe the municipality will have to spend the entire amount, with the likely outcome will have the municipality make a significantly smaller contribution in the end.

Chatham-Kent would be a co-investor in the project to move the project forward to give the federal government confidence that the project is a local supported initiative. Cubitt called the money from Chatham-Kent a strategic investment and a catalyst for major investment from the federal and provincial governments.

“They (federal government) won’t look at (the application for funding) if it’s not backed by the municipality and they won’t look at it if it’s not a viable business plan right from the outset,” Cubitt said.

Cubitt said his organization is motivated by the values of dignity, love and hope.

At Wednesday night’s presentation of the 2023 Chatham-Kent draft budget, the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance made a presentation where they asked the municipality for $4.5 million to help pay for a portion of the $41 million of the Wallaceburg hospital’s redevelopment costs.

Both requests will be discussed at upcoming budget deliberation meetings.