A group of Wallaceburg residents is encouraging everyone to help keep our streets safe.

Councillor Aaron Hall is one of the committee members of the Wallaceburg Neighbourhood Watch, and would like to see more people make use of the online Neighbourhood Protect portal.

“It’s a way to share information in people’s neighbourhoods,” Hall says. “It’s anonymous as well, so you can go on and provide information, as opposed to being on social media…your name’s not necessarily attached to it but it still has that focus of sharing information and trying to keep your neighbours and your family up to speed on what you’re seeing in terms of crime in the community.”

The group is holding a public meeting next Wednesday evening with CKPS Special Constable Randi Hull, starting at 7pm at the municipal service centre on Dufferin Avenue.

In the meantime, the WNW group will have an information booth set up at this weekend’s Pumpkinfest in Wallaceburg to help spread the word.