Lambton Paramedics Supporting Hospice Patients


Hospice and palliative care patients in Lambton County are being given a special gift.

Lambton Paramedics have launched a new volunteer program, giving transportation and care for short outings in the community.

A dedicated ambulance has been donated by the county to make the trips possible, whether it’s to visit a friend, attend a grandchild’s game, or grab a bite to eat.

“Many paramedics who drive patients in hospice and palliative care have heard from those patients that they wish they could go see a location one more time or go to a family event, but they have no way of getting there,” says Stephen Adlington, SEIU Healthcare member and paramedic who initiated this program. “I think it will be a very positive experience for the patients and also for the volunteers to witness those patients experience some joy.”

Hospice officials say it gives a sense of meaning and peace to patients at the end of life care facility.

“This unique initiative has the potential to bring meaning, peace, and comfort to our End of Life patients and their families,” states Dr. Glen Maddison, Medical Director at St. Joseph’s Hospice. “The Sarnia palliative physician group completely supports this incredible project and are proud to be a part of it. I believe we have one of the best and most engaged palliative care programs in the province and this project is another example of that.”