Local Spotlight – Charlie Burgess


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Charlie Burgess (AKA L.C.) is an upcoming singer, rapper, song writer, and performer born in London, Ontario but raised in his home town of Chatham.

From the beginning Charlie began expressing himself with music, performing leads in his church choirs. As this was happening the music industry was rapidly changing. Hip-hop, rap and R&B music was now becoming mainstream.

Creating stars like Boyz 2 men, Mariah Carey New Edition, Michael Jackson and 2Pac – these performers were a strong influence on Charlie as a young performer and helped in creating a creative expression for himself.

He wanted to write his own songs while maintaining his studies in school as he competed in track and field. In 2005 Charlie joined Playasville ENT and started releasing music as an artist. Later on that year Charlie would record his first song and also began social networking with other artists online, collaborating together while building his online following of fans and supporters.

Since then Charlie has made a push in his music career creating many online music videos and releasing a large amount of free music for his fans. Earlier this year Charlie released his debut Album “Best in the City” which is on iTunes and more.

Currently Charlie is working on a Playasville Album with 100% of the beats/instrumental music created by Playasville Entertainment producer/manager James Browning.



Album: Best In The City (January 27th 2012) – Track List – ITunes –

EP: The Charlie Burgess EP (July 1st 2011)