Local Spotlight – Paige Michael


Listen in daily this week at 3:40 as Jay features one of the youngest Spotlight artists to ever take the 99.1 stage.

Hi! I’m Paige Michael and I’m a 13 year old singer/songwriter from Port Perry, Ontario Canada. I was born September and my star sign is a Virgo . I am an ordinary girl who just happens to love writing songs and performing them.

My favourite foods are fried chicken and  poutine. I like sports and I play volley-ball, soccer and flag football.  My favourite subject in school is Art even though I am TERRIBLE at it. My lucky numbers are 9,19 and 99. Some bad habits I have are cracking my knuckles, toes , and ankles . Also I have a habit of tapping my foot when I am trying to concentrate .

Some people that have influenced me to become a singer/songwriter are Avril Lavigne, Taylor Swift, and Ed Sheeran. Some of my biggest dreams are to be able to make a living singing and song writing I think it would be awesome to work at what you love.

The biggest challenge so far in my career is funding to record more songs and having time with my songwriting partner Carly to write more songs.

I also want to help others in my life; especially children and teens. I am a supporter of Kids Help Phone, local food bank and any childhood cancer organizations.