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When most three year olds carelessly colour on walls or beat Tupperware containers with old spatulas, Sarah was uncommonly drawn toward the rhythm and cadence of the human voice. In one small moment, a three year old knew more about her life than many grown adults know about theirs. She would not grow up to be a musician—music already lived and breathed in her.

Today, echoes of Billie Holiday, Joni Mitchell and Feist ring out faintly through the structure of Sarah’s artistry. In a modern blend of two classic and very different genres, Sarah has emerged as a singularly talented songwriter with a voice all her own.

Living up to a long tradition of folk music, Sarah has been praised for her ability to tell a story through song. It is with this ability that she bridges the gap between folk and jazz, telling stories not just with her lyrics but also through wordless sound. Staying true to the improvisational spirit of jazz, Sarah works to make each live performance a unique and memorable experience for her audiences, delving ever deeper into that magic-something that makes live music matter.

This fusion of contrasting qualities is what sets her apart and it is well demonstrated on her album, How Many Fires. Sarah’s first full-length release showcases her wide range of talents: she writes, plays, sings and produces. In 2010, her efforts on the album were recognized when she was nominated for Best Folk Artist at the Toronto Independent Music Awards.

Following the release of How Many Fires, Sarah’s thirst to push her creative limits led her to develop a performance art show called “Letters.” The show debuted at CKontheEdge (a contemporary arts festival in Southwestern Ontario) and combined music, soundscape, poetry and spoken word in an open exploration of Sarah’s muses. A limited edition EP was released under the same title to coincide with the performance.

Currently, Sarah continues to write and perform steadily.


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