Many try to re-invent the wheel. SixtyFirstSecond wants to make it better. SixtyFirstSecond is the next minute in modern rock. Not overly eclectic or revolutionist, just good music with high energy rock shows.

…0:59, 0:60, SixtyFirstSecond – the start of a new minute. A fresh breath of something new, with a glimpse of welcoming familiarity.

Windsor, Ontario’s modern rockers, SixtyFirstSecond are that next minute. Driving rhythm, catchy guitar hooks, and melodic vocal lines entice the first time listener hum along.

After a solid ten year run in Focal Point, a band known for their high energy live show, who sold out rooms, created successful albums, performed in support of Korn, Evan’s Blue and more, brothers Randy and Rob Samrah decided it was time to finalize an ever changing line up and explore a new, more mature musical direction. With the addition of bassist Jeff Meloche from the long running local band Ictus, SixtyFirstSecond was ready to elevate their song writing and performances to a whole new level.

The goal: Don’t reinvent the wheel, just make it better! SixtyFirstSecond aspire to bring more.

The late 2009 release of their debut EP, “An Introduction to Insight”, has proven that they are a musical force that will exceed expectations.

Recorded at The Drawing Room in Windsor, Ontario, with Joel Brueyere the debut release has been well received by many fans locally and abroad with digital downloads on itunes and Amazon. The single “An Introduction to Insight” has also receive many spins on 88.7FM Windsor/Detroit radio 89X Homeboys Show.

Already having shared the stage with Inward Eye (Sept. 2009), Crash Karma (June 2010) and Alexisonfire (Sept. 2010) SixtyFirstSecond continue to bring a high energy live show to the stage leaving nothing behind.

Randy Samrah- Vocals, Guitar
Jeff Meloche – Bass
Rob Samrah – Drums