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There is no question that Too Much Unsaid is a band we will see for years to come. The London based Folk Rock group has been impressing audiences for just over two years now as they create a sound that leaves you begging for more. Their work as songwriters and musicians has proven to be successful for them with their newest album release, “Here & Gone.” The narrative lyrics, energetic instrumentation and strong musicianship skills gives Too Much Unsaid and their album (Here & Gone) a first class seat in any CD collection.

The band is working non-stop towards a pursuit of excellence by claiming the stage with over 120 live performances a year, touring Canada’s West coast twice within two years and by constantly challenging themselves with new projects such as their upcoming “Live Recording Sessions,” a project that will involve their audience and favourite live venues. The anticipated release gathers much excitement as they take their fans further behind stage with the addition of their collective Live DVD.

TMU doesn’t stop there as they prepare for their second nomination and performance as Best Folk/Roots group for the 2011 London Music Awards. Too Much Unsaid will hit the stage June 29th 2011 for a chance of winning the award from their voting fans. The group is also currently in design mode with their new summer clothing line soon approaching.

This band has the ability to take you for a musical adventure with lead singer, Jessie Jones’ high squealing notes to her low alto brims and the smooth, quick to draw guitar licks played out by lead guitarist, Andy Chillman leave you feeling sharp and steady. The percussion swiftly delivered by Adam Goodlet will convince your feet move ever so freely while hard, hot and strong rhythm echoes from Bassist, Pete Henderson.

If you want to hear a new refreshing sound, then picking up Too Much Unsaid’s album collection, starting with their 2009 release, “Live in Japan” and now their latest work, “Here & Gone (2010),” will be no mistake.

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