McNaughton Settling Into New Role


MPP Monte McNaughton speaking at Queen’s Park, October 17, 2018.

On June 20th, MPP Monte McNaughton got handed the Labour portfolio in the Ontario Government.

The Lambton-Kent-Middlesex representative says moving from Minster of Infrastructure to Minister of Labour isn’t that much of a stretch.

“I’m thankful that my team that worked for me in the Ministry of Infrastructure, which by the way, most are from southwestern Ontario, so it’s great to have that perspective. “They have come with me to the Ministry of Labour. So it’s about the team but literally, it’s just about listening,” says McNaughton. “I know as Minister of Infrastructure I met with over 200 municipalities in 12 months and it was about ensuring we had the programs in place and I feel it’s no different in labour. It’s about building relationships and working together and striking a balance.”

McNaughton says it’s an honour to be promoted to Labour, one of the largest and oldest in the government.